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Goblin Traders Games and Comics is a locally owned and operated retail store focusing on board games, tabletop games, trading card games, roleplaying games, comic books, and other geek culture.

We strive to create a fun and friendly environment for everyone, and the staff at The Goblin Traders pride ourselves on excellent customer service as well as providing a fun, friendly, clean and safe environment. The staff here are knowledgeable on the comics and games we stock, and are always willing to demonstrate any games or products you may have questions about.

We host weekly gaming events in our store, as well as have open tables in our play area daily. For the events we schedule, we offer promotional items in prizes that are only available in Local Gaming Stores. We also invite gamers to contact us if there are events or games they would like to play that we do not currently offer, or if they would like to set up a private group to use our tables for their gaming needs.

Family Pic.jpg

Aaron and Amy Dillon

Store Owners


  • Favorite Board Game: Dominion 

  • Favorite MtG Format: Legacy

  • Favorite Comic Book: The Amazing Spider-man

  • Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man

  • Favorite Villain: Carnage

  • Favorite Movie: Military Movies

  • Favorite Song: Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season by Jimmy Buffett


  • Favorite Board Game: Castle Panic!

  • Favorite MtG Format: Pauper

  • Favorite Comic Book: Umbrella Academy

  • Favorite Superhero: Doctor Strange

  • Favorite Villain: The Wicked Witch of the West

  • Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz

  • Favorite Song: Podcasts

Brian pic.jpeg

Brian Cade

Store Manager

  • Favorite Board Game: Dead of Winter

  • Favorite MtG Format: Standard

  • Favorite Comic Book: Fables

  • Favorite Superhero: Batman

  • Favorite Villain: Joker

  • Favorite Movie: Army of Darkness

  • Favorite Song: Anything except Christmas Music

Tyler pic.jpeg

Tyler Bowman


Favorite Board Game: Castle Panic!

Favorite MtG Format: EDH

Favorite Comic Book: Captain America

Favorite Superhero: Captain America

Favorite Villain: Scarecrow

Favorite Movie: Role Models

Favorite Song: Lydia by Highly Suspect

Mitchell pic.jpg

Mitchell Jenkins


Favorite Board Game: Legendary

Favorite MtG Format: Pioneer

Favorite Comic Book: World War Hulk

Favorite Superhero: Hulk

Favorite Villain: Venom or Loki

Favorite Movie: Avengers Infinity War and Endgame

Favorite Song: Remember This by NF

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