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11-8-19 Friday Night Magic Decklists

Hello and thank you for checking out another decklist update. This article is being posted a little behind schedule, but better late than never! As always, we'll be covering the top finishing decks from our Standard FNM. There were a lot of festivities in the area last weekend, including the second annual Ironton Wizardfest (which was a lot of fun!), so we didn't have a modern tournament on Saturday, so nothing to report for that format. We'll be back to our normally scheduled Saturday Night Modern this week, though!

Here are the top decks from standard FNM last weekend:

Todd Terkhorn: Boros Knights

Jeremy Lutz: Red/Black Sacrifice

Kat Fortune: Smashmouth

Jeff Chambers: Blue/White Control

Here is a list of upcoming MtG events for the weekend.


5pm: Commander FNM (Free Entry)

7pm: Standard FNM ($10 Entry)

Draft after Standard


7pm: Saturday NIght Modern

We hope to see you soon at The Goblin Traders!

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