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A New Frontier

Welcome to the Wild and Wonderful World of the newest Magic the Gathering (plus other nerd stuff) Website. The Goblin Traders.

You’ll learn very quickly I go to beat of my own drum. With this first article I just want to go with my introduction. Who is Lane Johnson?

I have been playing Magic since the Mid-2000s. When I played from the comfort of anyone’s kitchen table, where there is no ban list or sideboards just random (mostly bad) decks hanging out with your buds. Talking to my wife about this the other day, I feel like most casual kitchen table comes to end.

Reasons Why I Believe Kitchen Table Magic Ends

1st Someone gets tired of losing all the time. Inside triggering them to start looking up decks or watching MTG content to get better. Because of them looking up decks and content starting the domino effect of going into a Local Gaming Store. At that store more than likely you see a tournament and it sparks interest (this could also lead into the 2nd)

2nd Stemming off the 1st let say you starting looking up decks and you play those meta decks at your kitchen table. You know what happens….. you demolish them. So now you get cocky. You think you are ready for the tournament scene (spoiler alert you’re not but we can cover that in the future.)

3rd I’m going to leave this one open to random things like. You made friends that were already playing in tournaments or you played when you were a kid (now you’re are an adult) and are looking to start playing again.

When I left the comfort of the kitchen table I started during the end of New Phyrexia. For the first year I lost all the time. I never let it discourage me, I knew every game I lost was because I was new to the tournament scene and didn’t know the actual rules.

Since then I have grown as a player…..I think. To be honest I think at this time this is the best at this game I have ever been. Playing regularly with friends at The Goblin Traders Store (314 Center St. Ironton, Ohio 45638) to streaming Magic Arena ( or playing it off stream. If you can’t tell I love this game. I loved this game when some people didn’t. Magic is one of those games that rewards you for playing it either by getting better or making friendships. Magic in my mind is the best game ever created. I think a lot of people agree, when you hear a new card game come out the first discussion is will it be better than Magic. Many contenders have tried, all have failed. Not to say the others are bad, just in my mind they will be never be as good as Magic the Gathering.

Really hope you liked my first article. Being the first one I didn’t really want to dive in on any decks yet. Moving forward we are going to be focusing a lot on the standard format and maybe a little brawl. As a guy that streams and plays a lot of Arena I think standard has been pretty fun, and I enjoy writing and talking about standard. You can find me on Twitter or you can find me streaming at

(That was supposed to be the end of the article and then Wizards of the Coast dropped this bomb.)

Umm excuse me. Around the Return to Ravnica is really when I started to hit a stride. When I figured out how to really play the game and figure stuff out with cards everything really clicked. So announcing something like this is something I can really latch on to, remembering these old standards that I played through and those cards that were a blast to play is really getting my Pioneer juices flowing.

Short List of Dope Pioneer Cards

1. Burning Tree- Oh baby this card was a blast. Using the mana to cast a Lightning Mauler, now you’ll use Goblin Bushwaker. This deck has a lot of pieces being a Naya agro or just straight Gruul. I think there might be a humans decks somewhere too.

2. Pack Rat- This card dominated standard being one of the big pillars of that standard. Having something like mono black devotion coming back with a top in Gray Merchant of Asphodel. This is a 2 mana finisher if not dealt with.

3. Domri Rade- He was great 3 drop mostly played on turn 2. We have so many one mana dorks; Elvish Mystic, Llanowar elf, Gilded Goose, and sure I’m missing some. Domri adds an engine to these creature decks. I don’t know if this one is better than the other 3 mana Domri but time will tell.

4. Prime Speaker Vannifar – People like Birthing pod. Having a toolbox of creatures that can deal with the board state is fun. I would be very shocked if there isn’t a deck including Prime Speaker.

5. Maze’s end – This may be my favorite Magic card every printed, it’s really close to the top. I think I win cards are fun. Having support with Circuitous Route, Guild Summit, Gates Ablaze, and Elvish Rejuvenator. These cards are enough for me to get really excited that this deck can work. With Assassin’s Trophy and Field of Ruin this deck may have to run Crucible of Worlds.

Ok now this is the end. Remember

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1 Comment

James Meadows
James Meadows
Nov 07, 2019

If you had to list 5 cards that are most likely to be reprinted in a standard legal set for the purpose of getting more copies into the market for Pioneer, what would they be?

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