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Best Decks in Pokémon

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Pokémon for me has been my outlet to let my stress out. Instead of my usual Arena streams I have been streaming some Pokémon TCG online. Pokémon had their first big tournament last weekend in Australia.

I played in my first tournament and with my streams I pretty much figured out what the tier list was and I will say I was about 80% right. The deck I have been playing is ADP Zacian (Arceus, Dialga, Palkia). It took up 3 spots in the top 8 but the highest placing list was 5th. I still think this deck is in the top 3 decks right now. Since Pokemon doesn’t have a sideboard let us break down the list.

Jirachi – This card is probably the best card in all of Pokemon. Maybe I could argue Dedenne but Jirachi I believe has more value. Only being one prize if they KO and just gaining card advantage as long as it’s out. You can’t play the deck without this card.

Zacian V – This card pushed the deck to the next level. Being able to get around the new turn one supporter rule and putting out massive damage. Because this card is your main wincon you really have to watch how you play against Fire decks. With the rise in Fire and taking down 2ndplace in Australia this is the really only weakness I think the deck has. You have to play this card, the name is in the title of the deck you have to have it.

Arceus, Dialga, Palkia – I think if you don’t have this card you should find another Zacian shell. The GX attack with Zacian is always bonkers. The attack itself helping fill multiple Zacians is game ending.

Dedenne GX – I’m 99% sure this is the most expensive card in standard right now (not including special versions of cards). I think with the change of the supporter rule this card wouldn’t be as good but being able to discard your hand and draw 6 is always good. If you can’t get this card there are trainer cards that could replace this but if you can play this card just play this card.

Oranguru, Mimikyu, Absol, Phione – These are your flex slots I have seen these be the most changed in all lists. I think Marshadow that gets rid of stadiums are good. I think Zapdos that gets a bonus if it moved from the bench is good. But these are probably the best 4 you can have. Oranguru being able to dig one deeper always helps. Mimikyu stopping GX abilities sometimes is alright. Absol and Phione are the best. Absol being able to hurt the escape board and air balloon decks is always good. Phione is the best card in your deck at times, against goons you have to have it or you lose.

The trainers are all pretty stock. I like customer catcher over Pokemon catcher. Lysandre Labs can hurt yourself sometimes but yeah everything else is pretty good.

Mew and Mewtwo took down the tournament which this deck is a tool box against everything else. You almost have a 50/50 against everything because the way Mew and Mewtwo work. I have been testing with the 2ndplace Charizard and Reshiram just to try to learn all the decks but I really want to learn the 3rd place Goon deck.

I think the best decks right now is ADP Zacian, Mew and Mewtwo, Goons, Charizard and Reshiram, Pikachu and Zekrom. I have seen Snorlax V-max rising in the ranks. I hope to be able in the future to continue to have a good split of Magic and Pokemon but man Pokemon has been great lately. You can catch my stream at and Twitter @lanethemain

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