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FNM Hero

Welcome everyone, to one of those articles I post sometimes, close to when I'm supposed too. Today I'm trying to answer some questions. How much does it cost to get into Magic: the Gathering? Do I need to buy expensive cards to be competitive? Can I make enough winnings to grow my collection without investing a small fortune? Well let me start by saying the cheapest formats are Standard and Pauper. I'll be doing a Pauper article following this series so today we are focusing on Standard as a break-in format. I may not be able to answer all the questions in one article. The sealed events and drafts are a good place to start as well but that's a different article. This is an experiment for me as well so understand that over the course of the next few weeks I'll be getting answers along with you. The idea is to start with a relatively small budget and empower the deck or build a collection with your winnings.

Our Journey Begins...

Last Friday was the first Theros Beyond Death FNM, or the official release if you will. I had decided to write these articles and chose a deck that I thought would be good for that purpose. It's budget friendly...well it was at the time anyway. And as the procrastinator we all know I am, I punted well before FNM event started by forgetting cards I needed and having an incomplete sideboard. What can I say, I'm a gambler...a bad gambler. I'm going to show you the list I piloted as well as the list you should probably pilot. The latter being the deck I take to FNM this evening.

Pants On The Ground...

The idea of the deck is pretty simple...stick a creature and put pants on it. Load up any of your creatures with enchantments to smash in for ridiculous amounts of damage and in the process draw cards to refill your hand. The creature most suited for this role is Paradise Druid but if you can hold up Karametra’s Blessing for protection, then any creature in your deck will do fine. Below you'll find the list I played to a 2-2 record. I have to say, for sucking it up in my preparation, it really performed better than I thought it would. The prices are shown so you can get a feel for the budget.

Now you'll see the updated list I'm playing tonight. I have watched streamers and listened to friends at my LGS talk pros and cons of cards in the deck and here is where I'm settled for now.

Until next time...

The deck is still in budget mode because I haven't won anything yet. In the case of a losing record this week or a particularly hostile meta I'll revisit the budget and decide if the deck is worth adding to or if we should change direction. If you happen to try this deck out, please feel free to send me your results whether it be on Arena or at your LGS. Tell me what worked for you and what didn't. Please include your match-ups, comments, and constructive criticism in an email addressed to PureJank and send it here.

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