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Selesnya Adventure/Proliferate

Lately I have been playing Crokeyz Selesnya Adventure/Proliferate. The deck is not only a blast but I think is now a contender for being a tiered standard deck. We will go over key cards that people won’t see coming as well as a little sideboard guide since that what it seems what people like.

Edgewall Innkeeper as we know is an allstar in these adventure decks. Without the card advantage from Edgewall I really don’t think adventures would make it without it. Pelt Collector gives this deck two avenues. One angle that the deck can take is the adventure package trying to draw into your more board impactful cards like Venerated Loxodon and Unbreakable Formation as your finisher. The second avenue the deck can take is with a turn one Pelt Collector into a Huatli’s Raptor so this line is just a powerful early game. Most of the time it’s a mix of both. Playing two creatures into a turn three Loxodon usually seals the game up if you can follow it up with a Raptor or Unbreakable to pump the team. The success I have had with this deck is the most I have had in recent history not losing a match at FNM to clearing through Gold, Diamond, and now through high Platinum. I’m sure by the time this article goes up I’ll be getting my 5th Mythic (spoiler didn't make it).

Before we get into the sideboard guide let’s go over cards most people don’t see coming. Giant killer is one of those. In the early creation of this deck Shepard of the Flock was used to return key adventures but as time goes on Shepard has been removed. Giant killer getting rid of big things like Questing Beast, Lovestruck Beast, and the Cavaliers are game changing. The tap ability on Giant Killer has been key against Embercleave decks so mostly knights. Stonecoil Serpent has also been huge against the cat combo decks. Having relevant words like Trample and Protection from Multicolored is huge since it can’t be picked off from Mayhem Devil. Reach can be relevant sometimes as well but Trample is the bigger winner there. Flaxen Intruder and Faerie Guidemother has also been key cards in the deck that can be game changers.

To start the sideboard guide this is my opinion, I have played a 100+ games with this deck varying on Arena and paper with high success. Trust me nerds.


+2 Flaxen Intruder +1 The Great Henge +2 Kraul Harpooner (sometimes Titanic Brawl)

-2 Faerie Guidemother -2 Giant Killer -1 Innkeeper

Mayhem devil is a big swing for them. Being able to pick away our little dudes is huge since we usually play a finisher with a lot of little guys out. This match-up we just try to get big and have flaxen at right times to get rid of oven. Stonecoil is huge because Mayhem devil can’t ping it away. The Henge closes games in this match with card advantage/ life gain. Kraul is good for killing Goose and Korvolds. I would switch Kraul for Titanic if it’s the G/B match up. Giant killer varies if they have Questing beast, it’s good against Korvold in the Jund match-ups but that’s it.


+2 Flaxen Intruder + 1 Unbreakable Formation

(I would cut 4s, as long as it isn’t Giant Killer you’re good)

Giant killer and Flaxen Intruder are your key pieces here. I would cut lower pieces that you wouldn’t care to get eaten by Defeaning Clarion. Unbreakable formation to save your little guys will be big here too. This match-up is a real weird one. Very swingy turns in either direction.

Simic Flash

+2 Titanic Brawl +4 Tithe Taker (If you are a risk taker like me +1 The Great Henge) +2 Tomik

-2 Flaxen -1 Venerated Loxodon -1 Stonecoil Serpent -2 Pelt Collector –2 Faerie Guidemother

Pelt Collector is good here until the Brazen Borrow it back. Flaxen doesn’t matter here at all. Tithe taker is great here until they play an Ambusher during that main phase….still good. Tithe taker can put them a little behind, Titanic Brawl is usually one G and can help you sneak damage in. The Henge is the card advantage you need in this match up, but you need to sneak it in. You usually can after a Ambusher. Henge being able to pump your little guys and draw cards is incredible.

Rakdos Knights

+1 Sky Tether +2 Titanic Brawl +1 Unbreakable

-2 Flaxen -2 Stonecoil Serpent

Sky tether is the meme-est card in this 75. I didn’t like it until it happened. Sky tether on a Rotting Regisaur is a so crippling for them. Yes, it gives them a giant blocker but you can go wide over time and they are discarding a card every turn. Titanic Brawl is very good in this match-up, being able to kill a Knight of the Ebon Legion or something they are Embercleave-ing. Giant Killer is one card in this match-up that is good for tapping stuff down and good for killing something getting the cleave. It’s at the best after killing something then having it to tap down stuff after. Unbreakable Formation is what pushes through these aggro matchups, having the turn to shove everything through is key.

I think I learned that I cut Stonecoil a lot but in key times having all of those words is bonkers on that card. The reason to pick this deck up is because it’s a blast and can keep up with everything. Decks that come out of nowhere like this make me ask this question. Is the deck actually good? Or are these group of cards just surprising people and once they know how to face it does the deck die? I thought the same with Jeskai Superfriends when Sarkhan was printed and that deck stuck around a while. I covered a few decks here, if you want to ask about other match-ups you can ask me on Twitter @lanethemain or on my stream . If you disagree then good for you. I tried the bant version of this deck and didn't have the same success. For now sticking with this list.

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