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Storm of Possibilities

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Last week I played this spicy number. I picked this version from the 5-0s because the other leaned really into the combo and if the combo wasn’t going off then the game was kinda over. This version looked like an ok Gruul deck that could out of nowhere combo off (it did). Alright my beautiful nerds let me tell you how it works if you haven’t seen it.

Alright step one get to 5 mana to play Possibility Storm. Your deck plays a good amount of ramp to hit it before 5. A lot of the times if they have no idea what deck you are they just think you are Gruul and not an infinite combo. Alright you played your enchantment? On to the next one.

Step 2, Possibility Storm basically says if you cast a card from your hand you get the same type of card from your deck. Ex: Possibility Storm is out and I play Elvish mystic I exile the cards from the top of my deck until I hit another creature. After I put those cards exiled and the elf to the bottom of my deck then play the new creature. So with storm out I cast the sorcery side of any adventure creature. The one I used the most was Lovestruck Beast. Your deck only plays 1 sorcery so you’re always get the one thing you need. If you don’t have a sorcery adventure creature but an instant adventure creature your deck plays Shared Summons for that reason. Shared Summons gets you a Lovestruck Beast that you need.

Step 3, once you have Possibility Storm out and you have successfully have cast the sorcery side of Lovestruck beast you can now move forward. So the interaction as we stated gets you another sorcery from your deck, the only one you have is Enter the Infinite (If you draw it, it’s not a good thing). A lot games I did draw it and you were just a clunky Gruul deck. So let’s say nothing went wrong. Enter the Infinite is cast from your deck.

Step 4, alright you have played Possibility Storm, you have cast the sorcery side of Lovestruck beast, and you have cast Enter the Infinite and drew your deck. You have your deck in your hand but you have to put one card back. Borborygmos the Enraged is the card you put back. You want to know why then just keep reading. You now cast a free Walking Ballista triggering the Possibility Storm exiling cards until you hit a creature. The last card is the Borborygmos the Enraged that you now get for free. With big daddy Borbor you grab all the lands and yeet them at our opponent.

You hope to do all of this in one turn. You need 6 mana to do all of this in one turn. I always just played the Possibility storm as early as I could then started the combo the next turn. The reasoning is they have to have 2 removal spells remember? One to target the enchantment and then one to reveal into from Possibility Storm.

I went 2-2 overall for the night beating Mono-Red Devotion and Izzet phoenix. Losing to G/B hardened scales and Jund Soulflayer. My deck has little removal so the decks I lost to just snowballed out on me. Moving forward I think the deck is ok for FNM but for a big tourney probably not, atleast not the version it’s now. But one thing I want to be stated. I had the most fun I have had at an FNM in a very long time. I think that is the point of FNM. It’s not like an Open or Gp, there isn’t big money on the line. Sometimes for me winning is fun but you know what else is fun? Killing someone with Possibility Storm.

I named the title of this article for a reason. The amount of cool decks that are in these 5-0 dumps is plentiful. I’m going to try most of them and see how they feel. So far this is what I have played.

Gruul Aggro: The point of the deck was to play a mana dork on one and play a three drop on two. The notable three drops being Goblin Rabblemaster and Legion Warboss. Then soon after Embercleave. Good lord I love a good cleave, gets me hot!! I always know I could go back to this deck soon because something like it will always be good.

Izzet Ensoul: Not for me.

Mono Green Devotion: Simple answer is I like ramping into big things. Ugin being that big thing. The deck was great but losing field was a big hit for the deck. But just like a lot of decks I played it a little while and it’s time to move on.

Possibility Storm: You know my thoughts.

Alright so far that has been it. I have played some MTGO but haven’t played enough to comment. For Standard I’ve been playing a lot of Temur Adventures and Jeskai Fires, both of these decks are fun and great but Fires is more good then fun and Temur is more fun than good. If you have any questions or comments let me know on Twitter @lanethemain. you can catch me streaming during the week. Bye

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