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Theros Beyond Death Top 10 (Thank you Wizards for the sponsored stream)

My Top 10 And Where I Went Wrong

Recently I was on James and Jeremy’s podcast “Destroy Target Permanent”. We discussed our top 10 cards that we believe will see play in the upcoming standard. The reason I was on that the episode, is that the day the episode went up I was in a special streamer event sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Wizards basically gives us a sandbox standard account, they give us all the cards standard legal and let us brew. (Thanks Wizards!) Well since I gave the top 10 before the event let’s see if anything held up. Plus I played a lot of standard in the last week as well.

Honorable Mention: Elspeth

Man I wish I would have moved her up. She has been great! I told y’all she would be good! Is she a flashy card, of course not just simple. No one wants to attack into her since it isn’t flashy. She is played in the mono white aggressive decks and in control decks. I think all of the walkers in this set are very well made.

So far only being played in mono green budget the card still gets the job done. Spoiler alert there is a reason this card is at 10. Not too much hope in it.

This is a no brainer. Never overlook 4 mana board wipes its very simple. They are all at least standard playable if they are in the right color. What this card does is open up white blue even more than before. Probably 3 shatter the sky and 2 time wipes feels right. Right now you have a good amount of options as a finisher. I don’t think this card came to a surprise of anyone.

Again another swing and a miss. Thinking there could be some cool Grumgully deck. Tried it out. There isn’t.

This is another card I took a chance on that is seems like it is working. Being a good fit in Gruul isn’t the problem. The problem being is if Gruul will be a top player. This problem happened last time with Slaying Fire. It wasn’t that the card was bad, it fit into a good archetype at the time. It is that the archetype didn’t hold up in the meta. Same goes for Jeskai Superfriends, has tons of powerful pieces but the top tier stuff keeps it down. Klothys depends on if Gruul can stay around. I played Gruul 80% of 2019 so maybe it is just favoritism.

I still say this card is better than the rare from Theros. This fits into the mono-black devotion decks so easily. We weren’t allowed to put reprints on our list because it would be too boring. Tymaret has already been a good wall for mono black with also life gain. Early game blocker for black is something they needed.

Can you tell I like mono black? I liked it first Theros and I like it now. This card fits perfectly in mono-black being an easy removal spell. Great removal, boring to talk about.

This card was great during sealed. I still think it has a place in standard. Being able to put those counters on the token or another creature is a huge thing. Early game you have a way to pump a creature or late game you make a big token. The drawing cards is a huge benefit as well. This is one saga that the last part is the worst part.

This card may be the one I wanted to play the most. Mono white going to end to theros was a late blooming standard underdog. Taranika pushes this deck to an amazing part that white really hasn’t done before. I love the fact that you play your tappers on one and then can attack with Taranika keeping them open for any funny business. I think already people forget how good mono white is already doing, probably just being lost in the shuffle that is a new set.

This has been an all-star so far. What a hit out of the park. This card with Nightmare Shepard has been a match made in heaven. Being able to sack Gray Merchant to strider and then getting a copy from shepherd is gasoline. The think woe strider makes its way into pioneer very soon. This card had eyes on it since the reveal but no one is shocked that its making waves.

1: Uro

Uro has been put into everything with Simic with no surprise. Hasn’t been as great as I thought but having the spell with late game payoff. I think the best deck using this so far is Uro in the simic ramp deck. I think by this time next week Simic ramp will be one of the top decks to beat.

Well now that I look at this list is a hot dumpster fire except a few choices. So far I feel like Theros is going to back a huge splash on standard (lord I hope). With every new set I think I have the same wish. That it doesn’t just evolve new decks but create new ones. New decks that use new cards are always super fun. So far I played against a G/W auras deck that had 80% new stuff, Bant Dance that only brought back enchantments, and that crazy vannifar combo that I can’t get a win with. Alright until next time. Twitter: @lanethemain Twitch:

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