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Top MtG Decks From Last Week

Hello again and thank you for joining us for another set of decklists on This week we'll be showcasing the top few decks from both Standard FNM and Saturday Night Modern. Be sure to visit the store throughout the weekend to participate in these events, as both are weekly staples.

Here are the top decks from last week:

Standard FNM:

Mike Stewart: Golgari Adventures

James Meadows: Sultai Food

Brandon Sammons: Simic Food

Christina Sammons: Rakdos Aggro

Saturday Night Modern:

Tom McCalvin: Mono Red Prison

Mike Stewart: Urza

Gary Willis: Tron

Here is a list of upcoming MtG events for the week, we hope to see you there!


5pm: Commander FNM (Free Entry)

7pm: Standard FNM ($10 Entry)

Draft after Standard


7pm: Saturday NIght Modern


3pm: Pioneer Tournament ($5 Entry)

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