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What is fun to you?

This is a question I had to ask myself. What is fun to me? This is something I have thought about for some time, I stream Arena two days a week, play FNM, watch content to find a deck, and writing an article. I don’t want you to read this wrong I love what I do, it’s like a marriage I love my wife but too much time together can be an issue.

Talking to my magical friends it became apparent that I was a little burnt out. I had to self-reflect and see where the issue was coming from. I have had fun doing this stuff for the past year and why is it just now hitting me? Well I played Pioneer and punted a way my win-and-in to have fun which lost me the game so that wasn’t too fun but I usually play standard. This standard now is very healthy in the sense of how many decks you can choose that can be competitive. I’ve played some really good decks in this standard but I haven’t had fun with them. No one like a winner that isn’t happy or doesn’t care to win or not.

Here is how I solved my fun problem. First was take a little break, I skipped a stream last week to test Pioneer but to really take a break I need to skip one more. Ok so what am I going to do with this free time? I started to really dive into Pokémon, my personality I have learned needs to be competitive about something. Since I want to have fun in Magic I can take a step from competitive for a little while and Pokémon will fill that gap. That’s what happened I skipped streaming hung out with the family and dove into Pokémon like the animal I am. If you don’t know a lot about ADHD you find interest in something more than likely you get addicted, you can’t barely try something you have to become almost obsessed with it.

Now it really feels like a relationship. Nothing makes you miss Magic more than playing another card game. I was able to stream Arena last night with a fun deck was it janky? Yea probably but right now that isn’t the point. I want to play something janky but I also want to feel like I’m not wasting my money for tournaments.

So far it’s really worked out. Be competitive in Pokémon where my hyper-focus is but play Magic and Arena with more ease. Probably play more commander and just try to find my fun.

I know this article is a lot shorter than usual but I think it hits the nail on the head. I would rather put out a short piece of meaningful content than a long piece I don’t care about. Remember you can find me on Twitter @lanethemain and on

Happy Valentine’s Day ya’ll

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