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Omnibots, Round 1

For the first Transformers TCG deck list article on the website, I'm going to focus on the Omnibots. This is a three bot team that was released at SDCC 2019 as a promotional item for the convention. The same bots were later released on the Hasbro website as well.

For today's article we'll focus on the Transformers Trading Card Game and I'll be bringing you a decklist that I've been enjoying recently. I will also provide a brief Battle Report from a game I've played using the deck.

Here are the bots and deck I chose to use:


Sergeant Overdrive

Private Downshift

Private Camshaft


Scavenge the Battlefield x1

Treasure Hunt x3


Turbo Boosters x3

Security Console x3

Matrix of Leadership x3

Combat Training x3


Bashing Shield x3

Reinforcement Plating x3

Force Field x3

Extra Padding x3


Multi-Tool x3

Power Punch x3

Noble's Blaster x3

Enforcement Batons x3

As expected, I tried to use as many upgrades in my deck as possible. I also tried to balance these upgrades between the three different upgrade types.

The Performance

For my first attempt at using this deck I played a best-of-three series against a team consisting of Captain Elita-1 and Grimlock, Dinobot Leader. I was fortunate enough for the deck balancing to pay off and was able to play an additional upgrade of all three types on my first turn all three games. That being said we still went to three games in the series, which means that I lost a game after playing three additional cards on my first turn.

Game 1 I was able to focus fire on Elita-1 to remove her quickly, leaving me with a 3v1 matchup against Grimlock. My opponent was able to quickly destroy one of my bots with Grimlock, but Grimlock was not on his "trample" mode so no splash damage was assigned to my other bots. The remaining two bots were able to take Grimlock down and secure victory in the first game.

Game 2 was the game that I ultimately lost after playing multiple extra upgrades on my first turn. I was able to take Elita-1 down quickly again, however this time a couple of my bots had taken damage along the way. After dispatching Elita-1, my opponent was able to stack several Bold triggers on Grimlock and, this time being on his "trample" side, was able to deal 15 damage after flipping battle cards. This was enough damage to remove my two damaged bots from the battlefield. On his next turn my opponent was able to remove the Force Field from my remaining bot, and my one defenseless Omnibot was no match for Grimlock 1v1, and Game 2 quickly ended in my opponent's favor.

Game 3 was a very close back and forth battle. After taking down Elita-1 again before dealing with Grimlock, my opponent was able to bring her back to the field with a couple copies of I Still Function. While this allowed my opponent to get chunks of damage on my bots, it also gave me the chance to get some attacks on Grimlock. I was fortunate to not be on the receiving end of another massive "trample" attack from Grimlock, and was able to deal enough damage to the Dinobot Leader to take him out of action and win the match.


Thank you for joining us for our first Transformers TCG decklist article on If you have a decklist, request, or anything related to Transformers TCG be sure to post in the comments below. Also be sure to check back regularly for more Transformers TCG content, as well as content for many other Tabletop and Collectible Card Games.

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